A day in the sun, Portovenere, Italy | June 2012

I really lucked out in working on a project with colleagues based in La Spezia, Italy, next to Cinque Terre. My last trip there had been in the winter, when things were quite dead. So I was excited when the chance came to go back in the summer. I arrived in Lerici on a Saturday, leaving Sunday free for exploring. Given the gorgeous weather, my colleague and I decided to take the boat from Lerici to Portovenere across the Gulf of Poets.

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Italy/London – Part 4 – Portovenere | February 2012

We had been in Lerici for a week and on Saturday we visited Cinque Terre in gorgeous weather – the forecasted rain never materialized. Any hope of a repeat of the nice weather for our trip to Portovenere vanished the moment we woke up on Sunday morning. Thick gray clouds scudded low across the horizon and a steady rain fell from the sky, quite heavy at times. The forecast called for a possible break in the rain in the afternoon, so we decided to hang around Lerici in the morning and walk around in the rain. The rain didn’t really let up by the time we finished lunch, so we just decided to take our chances and go to Portvenere regardless.

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