If I Had A Bucket List, Sydney Would Have Been On It

I’m not one for bucket lists. But ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a list of 5 cities that I wanted to visit (in no particular order): Istanbul, Barcelona, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro. I’ve been to Istanbul and Barcelona,  but didn’t think I’d make it to Sydney (simply because it was so far from the rest of the world). As luck would have it, our move to New Zealand opened up Australasia/Oceania for us to explore, and this past Christmas 2014, we made a quick trip to Sydney.

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TBT: New York | June 2001

With my usual flair for being late to all internet trends, here is my first Throwback Thursday post (apparently it’s a thing): a trip to New York in June 2001. It was our first proper trip as a couple after college/university. And also my first trip after getting a digital camera — the mighty 3-megapixel HP Photosmart 315! Unfortunately, any skills gained during my 5 years of using a Canon film SLR (in high school and college) had deserted me in the intervening time and I was pretty much a beginner in photography. Any half-decent pictures from the trip were the result of pure dumb luck…

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A Year in London

Okay, so technically it was more like 16 months. We moved to London in December of 2013 because we wanted to explore more of the world. From a personal, social, cultural standpoint, we loved living there. Unfortunately, professionally, it was not the best situation for us. So after 16 months, we left and moved to New Zealand. But that’s a story for another day. This is about London.

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A Day in Florence | September 2013

I had a work meeting in Lerici, Italy, and given the many interesting places nearby, I decided to fly out early and spend a day in Florence. Landed in Pisa late on Friday night (around 10pm) and caught the train to Florence. Got into the hotel around 12:30am. Spent all of Saturday exploring the city and caught the Sunday morning train back to Pisa to meet up with colleagues. Despite the short time, I loved Florence for the beautiful art and architecture.

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Marseille, France | May 2013

The south of France was our next destination for a bit of sun and heat. Unfortunately, we arrived at the tail end of a wet and cold spell. But we made the best of it, and ended up with some very nice days to explore the city and the surroundings.

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Back to the Bosphorus | April 2013

After a fantastic visit to Istanbul about 6 months ago, I wanted to return with my family, to get them to enjoy my favourite city as well. The chance came over the Easter holiday in April, when we took a week-long trip to the Bosphorus. While September was not a bad time for my last visit, April offered a different view — it was cooler and cloudier, but other benefits more than made up for it.

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Barcelona | February 2013

Barcelona had been on my list of top 5 cities to visit (along with Istanbul, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Rio) since high school. Reading Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Shadow of the Wind after college only deepened my interest in the city. It was therefore somewhat natural that we made Barcelona our first destination after moving to London and made a quick 3-day trip to the north of Spain in late February.

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Krakow in winter | January 2013

It was entirely my fault. Soon after I transferred to London in January 2013, I had to go on a business trip to Krakow, Poland. Perhaps it was the fact that it was not very cold in London at the time (at least compared to what I was used to in the Colorado mountains), but I failed to look at the weather forecast for Krakow and did not take my heavy winter clothing. Plus I failed to remember that humid cold (as in much of Europe) feels much colder than dry cold (as in Colorado). What resulted were some freezing days and nights in an otherwise charming old European city.

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Istanbul | September 2012

It all started with the Argonauts.  I read The Jason Voyage by Tim Severin about 20 years ago in high school and was fascinated by the description of the Bosphorus and the grand city that straddled the famous passage — Istanbul!  Ever since then Istanbul has been on my list of places to visit. I finally got the chance to turn that wish into reality during a work trip to Europe in September 2012. Took a few days ahead of a meeting in Amsterdam and flew down to Turkey.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia | June 2012

After a week of work in London, I extended my stay over the weekend and visited Dubrovnik since I’d always heard a lot of good things about it. Arrived on Saturday afternoon. The bus ride from the airport, above the cliffs dropping down to the deep blue sea gave a tantalizing glimpse of what lay ahead. A walled fortress city set against an azure sky under a bright blue sky. Dubrovnik Old Town really does look like something out of a fairy tale, beginning with the imposing stone walls that encircle it.

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