A Kiwi Rainforest?

Sharplin Falls is an easy walk on Mt. Somers, about a 40-minute drive away. We decided to check it out soon after we arrived here. Little did we know that we would be transported to a rainforest.

It was a brisk early winter day. Chilly, but sunny and dry. Like many of the roads that go into the hills, it required driving on a gravel road — nothing that a regular car cannot handle though. The signpost at the trailhead helpfully pointed out all the tracks and estimated times.

Started out like any other walk

There’s a bridge, high over a river, pretty early on in the walk.

On the bridge

After that, things changed pretty quickly. Since the track was in the shade, it got cold quite quickly. And it got wet and damp. Unbelievably so. It was like we were walking in Hawaii. Wet ferns and moss everywhere.

Change of weather
The river water could not be any clearer

After a while we came upon a gantry hugging the side of the hill. Lots of signs warning of the danger of falling rocks.

At the start of the walkway
On the gantry

Shortly thereafter, we arrived at Sharplin Falls. The place was very wet and required some careful foot placements. The waterfall was small but very beautiful, ensconced in a deep green shade.

Sharplin Falls

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