Cancun, Mexico | May 2012

While I’d been to Mexico a few times before for work, never for vacation. We usually try to take a warm weather trip in the spring to escape the long mountain winters, so this time we settled on Cancun. I was a bit leery, given the image of drunken spring breakers. I planned to not take any vacation, so we splurged and stayed right on the beach for quick/easy access. We planned to stay in the Zona Hotelera — yes it is the touristy Americanized part of Cancun, but given that our plan involved sitting on the beach, that seemed okay.

A short flight from Denver brought us to Cancun. Getting through customs was a breeze. Stepping outside was like visiting Asia — lots of cab drivers trying to get your business. We had a car reserved through the hotel, so we walked past the throngs and set off for the hotel. The Hotel Zone looks like an upscale Hawaiian resort area, with no sense that you’re in Mexico.

It was definitely a much better experience that I expected. Maybe it was a combination of when we went, where we stayed (the Renaissance), but the beaches were very deserted, the people were very friendly, and the weather was very good for the most part. It drizzled for a little bit a couple of days, but was sunny for the most part. Warm, but not hot. The beach had very fine white sand.

Playing in Cancun

The waves were pretty big almost everyday. The beach was very gradual, letting us go out quite a way into the water (important for our son).

Cancun waters

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of beach vacations, because I don’t like just sitting around. But I must admit, this was not bad. I was technically working the whole week, but it was a light week, so got to play quite a bit. A few conference calls and some spreadsheet work in the mornings, and then free in the afternoons.

It’s a hard life

And the beaches were just gorgeous and empty.

Crowded day at the beach

We spent quite a bit of time in the hotel pool, shallow enough for our not-yet-swimming-on-his-own 5-year old.

Pool time!

Since this was our once-a-year “veg-out” vacation, we did not do anything else. Yes, there are a lot of things we missed by not exploring, but the idea was to not do anything.


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