A day in the sun, Portovenere, Italy | June 2012

I really lucked out in working on a project with colleagues based in La Spezia, Italy, next to Cinque Terre. My last trip there had been in the winter, when things were quite dead. So I was excited when the chance came to go back in the summer. I arrived in Lerici on a Saturday, leaving Sunday free for exploring. Given the gorgeous weather, my colleague and I decided to take the boat from Lerici to Portovenere across the Gulf of Poets.

The sea was a bit rough, but the view could not have been better.

Sailing the Gulf of Poets

Portovenere dazzled in the summer sun.

Colourful Portovenere
St. Andrew’s Church
If these walls could talk…

We climbed to the top of Doria Castle for some grand views.

Atop Doria Castle

From there we found a foot-path winding its way up the hill behind the castle. We climbed for a while to gain the ridge for even higher views.

St. Andrew’s from the Via Crocetta

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