Chicago: Falling in love again

Since we left Chicago in 2003, it had been a long time since we’d visited downtown. We’d go to the Chicago area often to visit family, but we’d stay in the suburbs and due to the short visits, never come downtown. This Christmas 2011 we decided to change that and stayed downtown for 2 weeks, so we could get reacquainted with the city and visit our old haunts. Despite the gray and wet weather, we fell in love with the city once again.

Chicago offers great street photography opportunities, especially in the winter with the main thoroughfares all lit up with Christmas lights. While we were there, it rained quite a bit; photographically, I love rain in cities because everything becomes shiny and reflective. I probably look strange to passersby as I’m always looking at the ground, crouching down and pointing my camera at awkward angles at insignificant puddles.

Christmas lights on the Magnificent Mile
Michigan Avenue
L steps
Shooting the shooter
State & Lake
Red & gold

I went out walking randomly shooting quite a bit. Unlike when we lived in Chicago, this time I didn’t mind the gray weather. In fact, it actually lent a wintry mood to the city

The North Side
Lake Michigan
Chess pavilion @ North Beach
Cross LSD
Diversey Harbor

Like many cities, Chicago really comes alive photographically once the sun goes down. And Chicago looks even better after dark due to the many distinctive skyscrapers.

Chicago from the Sears Tower
Urban tracks
The Loop
Big Brother
Reflecting on the Bean
Evening Bean
The Chicago River & Trump Tower
The John Hancock

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