Moab 2010

Moab was what had drawn us west from Chicago back in 2002, and after a 1.5-year hiatus, we decided to return once more in early November.



 The cusp of winter meant the weather was unpredictable.  While the big snow hadn’t hit Colorado yet, the signs of approaching winter were visible on our drive west on I-70. We arrived in Moab in the later afternoon. With dwindling light, we hung around Main Street, stopping off at Arches Book Company.

Day 2

Our first stop for the day was Park Avenue in Arches National Park. Aman hiked the whole 1-mile trail by himself, down and up.


Day 3

Aman and Geny were feeling a bit under the weather in the morning, so while they decided to hang around the hotel in the morning, I went out to Corona Arch.


In the evening we decided to hike to Delicate Arch for sunset. Aman surprised us by doing the whole 3-mile hike up all by himself. Although he did have to be carried down.


Day 4

The day dawned cold and cloudy, so we did a short hike in Arches, looking at the various desert plants, flowers, and lizards.


We ended the day walking around Main Street, where a late fall was in full force.


Day 5

The night brought snow to Moab, so we woke up to a white blanket. Before the sun melted it all, we went to the Windows in Arches.


Day 6

Today we decided to head up to Canyonlands National Park. First stop, Mesa Arch.


From there we headed out to Grand View Point.


Still feeling pretty good in the afternoon, we did a short hike in Fisher Towers.


The drive home

Before we left Moab, we did get one last great view — the Book Cliffs north of I-70.


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