Maui, Hawaii | April 2011

Living in a ski town means winters are the busy/high season. Lots of snow, people, traffic, energy, and powder fever.  After a long (and still continuing) winter, we usually try to go somewhere warm in April, for a change of scenery and pace. This time we got lucky since there was a family medicine conference in Maui that provided the exact number of CME credits that Geny needed for the year. So she signed up for it and off we went.

We stayed at the Marriott in Wailea, where the conference was being held.  Daily routine involved Aman and I hanging out at either the beach or the pool while Geny was off at the conference.  Her afternoons were free, so we’d hang out together, either at the beach or pool, or go for walks along the beachfront path.

Hawaiian views
Breakfast every morning at the hotel restaurant offered great views of West Maui
Aman loved the waves
The sunsets were very nice...
...but the storms over Haleakala were even more spectacular
Ice cream stops were mandatory
We spent a lot of time in the kiddie pool with fun slides and waterfalls; Aman had an ear infection, which required him to wear the swimming cap, but he was a good sport about it
Waiting for sunset

The food was great. Our friends Michele and Alex from Pueblo were there for the conference too,  and we had some great meals.  One of the highlights was dinner at Spago.

Pre-dinner family portrait
Dinner at Spago with friends

Taking advantage of the conference discount, we attended the luau. It was quite the affair, with lots of food, dancing, singing, and entertainment. The fire dancer was definitely the highlight for most of us.

Our friends Michele & Alex
Pre-luau portrait
Te Au Moana Luau
Te Au Moana Luau

With vacation days limited, we didn’t really stay more than the conference and left pretty much right after.

Waiting to be washed away
Escaping the wave
Tropical dreams
One last sunset

5 thoughts on “Maui, Hawaii | April 2011”

    1. Yes, and that was by design. Sometimes we go somewhere and explore. And sometimes we just want to relax and not do much. After a 4-month stint of no vacation (contractually not allowed in the winter) with lots of tourists packing our town, our April trips are typically of the latter variety, where we don’t really want to do much. Plus this time we were somewhat constrained by the conference (half days everyday) + our son who doesn’t like to be in cars too much. We’ve been to Hawaii before and explored a lot, but this time we intentionally wanted to play the tourist.

      1. You are right. Recuperation and relaxation are extremely valuable and Hawaii is certainly good for that while escaping the ski town hustle (I previously lived in Breckenridge, CO). Great photos by the way

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